There are many reasons why sequels are made. Sometimes the fan response is so great that they demand it, sometimes the story is so wide and vast that it requires multiple books to tell. Other times, however, it's just done out of sheer insane love of the story. But love can only get you so far. 

Here are some times when the filming went haywire, picked up from the editing room floor and compiled for your amusement.

Read the mishaps that occurred
during the making of Isle of Wysteria
The Reluctant Queen

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Athel and Alder Spar
Queen Hazel in her Courtroom
Chapter Six Gets a New Narrator
Captain Tallia Reports on her Tree
Athel Takes a Cold Shower
Aboard the Pirate Ship
Setsuna and Privet Duel
Queen Strenlan in her Palace
Deutzia’s Morning Sickness
Dev’in Fumbles His Lines
Setsuna Misses Her Cue
The Airship Fleet
Athel Fights Sevtah
Molly Flubs Her Line
Hazel’s Hayfever
The Bride’s Princess