Throne of Chains

Winter is the season of regret. The stillness of the cold, the purity of the snow, causes us to reflect on all that could have been, all that might have been.  When Athel was young, she dreamed of being a hero. Now, she relives every moment of it in her nightmares. The attack on the Monolith came within a hair's breadth of saving the world. 

But it didn't. 

Now, devastated by the loss of so much life, overwhelmed by the agony of so much sacrifice, the handful of survivors from the now-defunct Alliance look on as the seas rise one final time to erase all life from existence. 

Her mighty heartbroken, Athel cannot bear to go on. Unable to eat, unable to sleep, hunted by every nation, her enemy safely hidden beneath an impenetrable ocean of acidic seawater, she faces the hopeless task of either trying to save the world against impossible odds, or falling into the depths with all that remains of Aetria in this, the final installment of the Isle of Wysteria series.