The Reluctant QUEEN

Summer is the season of friendship when we reach out and forge connections with those around us, bonds of fellowship that protect and enrich our lives.

Athel and Alder are deeply in love, newly married, and all Athel wants to do is live out the life she has always dreamed about; sailing the skies, discovering new places, meeting new people, and sampling foreign delicacies. But the world won't allow it, war has come to Aetria.

A massive invasion fleet of ten-thousand airships has been dispatched to the Isle of Wysteria in response to the tiny forest island withdrawing from the League. Queen Hazel, Athel’s mother and ruler of Wysteria, meets the fleet with a startling revelation: the curse placed on the seas by the Stonemasters has grown beyond anyone’s control and it’s eroding away the islands of the world. If the spell isn't stopped, eventually all dry land will be gone.

Trapped behind the blockade, Athel and the crew of the Dreadnaught search for a way to aid Wysteria against the hopelessly long odds they face. Yet, Athel and her mother know there is more than one way to win a war and so they seek out new allies in the most unlikely of places. As the darkness deepens, Athel realizes that there is only one way to save her homeland. The price will be steep indeed, maybe everything she has.

Torn between finally living out her dreams and saving the forest home she loves, Athel struggles with the most difficult decision of her entire life in the second installment of the Isle of Wysteria series.