The Monolith Crumbles

Autumn is the season of accomplishment, when we boldly sow mighty goals and joyfully anticipate the harvest of success.

Athel Forsythia is a new mother. This should be a time to rejoice, but instead, it is a time of panic. The baby is a boy, a male born from a tree even though that shouldn't be possible. The priestesses of the church, the matrons of the island, all dread what this could mean for the future of the forest, and the young Queen struggles to unearth the mystery before her son is declared to be an abomination. But the further she digs, the more she becomes entangled in a secret that threatens to unravel the very fabric of her people, her forest, and her reign.

And that is not the only urgent matter she must attend to. Athel may have saved Wysteria from invasion, but that will mean nothing if she cannot save the world from being swallowed by the seas. To accomplish this, she hatches a desperate plan.

As Athel fights to hold together her new small family, an alliance, her traditions, and her forest, she is opposed by a fearsome new enemy. Her former friend, Spirea Sotol, is now working for the Stone Council and has command of all the armed forces of the League.

Two Queens, at the head of two vast nations, are about to clash in a titanic struggle of will and strength. At stake is the life of every man, woman, and child in Aetria. Once friends, now enemies, one will stand and one will fall; in this, the third installment of the Isle of Wysteria series.