SEEDS in the Wind

Spring is the season of freedom. A time to revel in the joy of youth, to dodge responsibility and bask in the endless potential and limitless possibilities that lay before us.

The day has finally arrived. After years of scheming, Athel is finally ready to sneak away from her island to join the federal navy. But before her feet hit the deck her mother arrives with the worst condition possible. She can only leave if she takes her new fiancé with her.

Alder is everything she didn't want in a house-husband. Short and pale, and infuriatingly formal, his presence sabotages every chance she gets to wallow in her new found freedom. And yet, he seems to understand her in a way no one else ever has. While having a personal chef who knows what you want before you want it is certainly flattering, how could she ever accept someone who is so different from what she imagined she wanted in a man?

The world they explore together is vast and magical, just filled with people waiting to be offended. In giant airships the federal navy patrols the skies above the wild acidic seas. Each island is home to a different race, each of whom specialize in their own unique kind of magic.

But after centuries of peace, the world is changing, and when Athel's island mysteriously withdraws itself from the League, she becomes the target of kidnappers, pirates, and a shape-shifting assassin. Even the crew of her own ship are tempted by the price on her head.

As the world of Aetria teeters on the brink of war, it is going to take a lot more than luck to get her and her bony fiancé out of this one.