THRONE-BLOOPER: Chapter One Blooper


Chapter One Blooper

As the seas had spilled over the Endras hills, a new shoreline had been created on the western peninsula of Ronesia. Formerly fertile farmlands and towns were now abandoned for fear of their proximity to the acidic seawater, which advanced daily. Stacks of children’s building blocks lay half built with no one to finish them. Laundry hung on clotheslines, flapping limply in the caustic breeze. Food sat spoiling on plates, the knives and forks still planted where their owners had dropped everything to evacuate. There was no life anywhere, not even the whisper of memories.

It was a land frozen in time. Not a place, but more like a melancholy portrait of a place.

As Ryin scampered past an abandoned shrine to Chert, he found what he was looking for. A small caravan of dark Tomani gypsy wagons arrayed in a circle, hiding beneath the form of a drooping Nallorn tree.

A duck waddled by, quacking happily and pecking at Ryin’s boot.

“Cut!” the Director yelled.

“What the crap was wrong with that take?” Ryin gruffed.

“There’s a duck in the shot.”

“A what?”

“A duck, can someone please grab that duck and get it out of frame?”

The stage director ran up, awkwardly grabbing the duck and pulling it away as it flapped angrily.

“Thank you. All right, let’s go again from the top.”