THRONE-BLOOPER: Chapter Ten Blooper


Chapter Ten Blooper

Albashire reached into his jacket and pulled out a beautiful leather-bound book. “After that quip, I don’t know if I should give this to you, but…here.”

Athel took it carefully, trying not to stir Alder, and opened the cover. Inside, there were drawings, carefully rendered chalk art of beautiful young women in bathing suits, lounging and stretching luxuriously.

“Um, are you sure this is the book you wanted to give me?”

“Of course it is. This is for you to write in.”


“You’ve always read the adventures of others. I think it’s time you write down your own story.”

“I can’t write in this.”

“Of course you can. Why are you off-script?”

“No, I can’t. Look, it’s filled with girly drawings.”

She turned the book to Albashire and his face blushed bright red. “Oh, sorry, that was the wrong book.”


“Albashire fumbled in his pack. “I have the right one here somewhere.”

Athel flipped through the pages. “Did you draw these?”

“Um, just a little hobby of mine.”

“Cause they’re really good.”

“Ah, here it is. If you could just give that one back to me…”

“Hey, is this ME?!”

“Um, just a little art discovery. Now, if you please…”

Athel slapped him hard. “Have you been drawing me while I was sunbathing?”

“Darnit, I said CUT!”