THRONE-BLOOPER: Chapter Five Blooper


Chapter Five Blooper

Ellie walked up to the edge of the dome and looked at a small hummingbird hanging in the air beyond. Yesterday, it had been in almost the exact same spot. In what had had been a whole day for her, the small bird had only moved maybe an inch, its wings moving only half a beat. She wondered what she must look like from its point of view, or if it noticed her at all. In the outer district beyond, she saw the same people she always saw. The baker preparing to set down a tray on the cooling rack outside his bakery. She wondered how many weeks would pass for her before the tray was slid into place. A mother grabbing her son by the scruff of his neck, her finger pointing at his face, just like they had been for the last month.

Weaving among the frozen people, a duck waddled and quacked happily. It flapped up atop the baker, who was trying to stay as still as possible, and began biting hefty chunks from the bread in his tray.

“Ugh, will someone get that blasted duck off the set!” the Director shouted.

As the duck ate, the baker spoke through clenched teeth. “Can…can I move now?”

Ellie turned towards the camera. “I’m in the shot, right? You can see me?”